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The Mental Mastery Territory
Here is a small selection of what’s on offer through these training programmes:

• Self-belief & Confidence
It is not just about saying you are the best, it is about truly believing it. Learn how to make that belief solid from the very start.

• Motivation
There is a difference between being motivated and pursuing your goal with a relentless enthusiasm. Come and discover that difference.

• Emotional Resilience
We often focus so much on success that we never consider the need to learn how to pull out of a performance slump. Find out how to build emotional resilience whilst taking nothing away from your positive commitment to succeed.

• Goal setting
Goal setting is vital to any sports endeavour but getting it right – really right – takes finesse that is all too often by-passed. We’ll show you how to set goals that make things happen for you.

• Optimistic Mind
Research has shown that motivation and successful outcomes are far higher when we have an optimistic view. This is not about living in a dream, it is about adding substance that takes the dream from ‘believing’ to ‘knowing’.

• Focus, Concentration and the Zone
Discover new ways to fine-tune these important aspects of performance. Understand how the Zone or Flow is more readily achievable with the right approach.

• Mental Toughness
What are the underlying characteristics that make someone mentally tough – and how do you measure up on these dimensions? These training programmes will help you improve your mental toughness whatever level you’re at right now.

• Energy and the Mind
Very few courses include what might be described as ‘eastern philosophies’ of mental training as part of their approach, fewer still offer practical guidelines on how to work with the concept of ‘mental energy’. It’s just another reason why this course goes well beyond the average. After all, who wants to be average?

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