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Courses Who are they for?
These programmes are open to anyone – regardless of background, age, academic achievement - who has an interest in improving either their own sports performance or that of the people they coach or instruct:

those who are actively engaged in competitive sport - whatever their sport - who would like to discover more about the mental aspect of their game so they can greatly advance their own level of performance.

those who are engaged in helping others to perform better at their sport - whether as a coach, manager, trainer, parent etc. You will not only be armed with powerful techniques for working in one-to-one's or with groups but you'll also start to understand people at a deeper level so that your way of communicating is far more powerful and impactful.

Training in Mental Mastery

A range of well-crafted training programmes is available to provide you with the very best tools and techniques for enhancing mental performance within sport. Each of the elements on these courses have been proven at the highest levels of competitive sport and are very effective, easy to use, and readily adapted to different sports and situations. Developed from the approach of  Ken's book you will gain the very latest practical mental mastery techniques - allowing you to fully understand and use them for yourself and/or someone you coach.

There are three training programmes on offer:

i) Mental Mastery Award.
Suited to sportsmen and women of all disciplines.

ii) Mental Mastery Certificate.
Suited to all sportsmen and women (including professionals) who wish to take their game to the very top.

iii) Mental Mastery Diploma.
Ideal for those who wish to improve the quality and level of their coaching in respect of mental performance.

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Benefits of Mental Mastery

It is well-established that the mental side of sport is a vital component when it comes to determining who wins and who loses. But recognising this is one thing - knowing what to do about it is a different matter! These Mental Mastery programmes reveal the secrets behind the mental attributes of the world's best athletes. Whether you choose to focus on your own performance by attending a Mental Mastery programme or focus on athletes you coach by becoming a certified Neuro-Linguistic Performance Coach, you will have the ability:

- to diagnose underlying issues that prevent sportsmen and women from maximising their innate talent's
- to prescribe the appropriate intervention
- to 'work your magic' to achieve positive, effective, speedy and lasting change
- to produce results that take performances to new levels

Make a mental note now – to take a Mental Mastery training programme to enable you to harness the power of your mind to your innate sporting talent and thus raise your levels of achievement beyond what was previously thought possible.
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