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An expert in exceptional performance, Mental Mastery brings together the experience and skills of someone who has spent many years delivering and preaching the performance advantages to be gained from the world of sports psychology. Ken is the founder of VisionSports , a company that helps individuals and teams in sports and in business to perform at their best.

Ken has extensive experience of working with high-performance individuals and teams in many different sports and businesses. His experience of working with 3 international teams in different sports plus 5 different professional football clubs (working with international players from over 35 countries) and a host of other sports has enabled him to develop techniques that are fast, powerful and ultra-effective.

In the business world his expertise as a coach and trainer has been put to good use by major companies and organisations - including: BBC, British Aerospace, Channel 4, Deutsche Bank, House of Fraser, Johnson & Johnson, Marks & Spencer, Nationwide, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the RAF. Rolls Royce and Walt Disney.

Ken holds many qualifications in different fields (from psychology, psychotherapy, NLP, hypnotherapy and more). He is a regular speaker and workshop presenter at conferences and events. For more information about training courses and other services, please visit

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"Ken recently spent some time in Toronto working with Jonathon Power and Canadian National Champion, Graham Ryding. I was privileged to have been allowed to attend a number of these sessions. The self-discovery was often astonishing! Sample comments, preserving anonymity, were: “I can’t believe how easy this concept is!” and “I never would have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it myself!"

Extracts from an article entitled ‘Gaining the Edge’
written by Bruce Wright of AIM Management Inc of Canada

“The most personally insightful, well choreographed, subject specific course I have ever attended. Ken wove his magic on the entire course and all of us had extremely powerful experiences.”

Doug Clarke,
Developmental Trainer

“a truly inspirational trainer”

Jill Pinkerton
Training Consultant, Brathay.
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